(painted with acrylics on 60×80 cm canvas)

A sea of stars, eyes of spirits,
fuel for dawn’s blade.
The monsters we slayed,
in ruins of what used to be,
turning skull to stone, blood to roses.

“My sword for you”, Kee’Asuriah growled,
mind castle’s patron saint
with a trinity of crows by her side.
“Reclaim the throne,
for this is just the beginning of your road.”

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This artwork was quite a long and personal journey – created over a timespan of about two years. And that’s why I will talk about the process a bit:
As always, it started with a sketch, based on personal experiences and related emotions.
A concept, that wanted to be further explored and with that also processed mentally.

With artworks like this it is not surprising that some details change during the process – they change with the artist, who shapes the art and in return is influenced by the art as well or rather by the mental process the artwork symbolizes and visualizes; a symbol of the growth – not just an origin, but a process as well; showing how the artist became who they are today.

After sketching I usually roughly explore the sketch digitally a bit (in case the artwork is planned to be of large format) – deciding a color sheme, light and shadow, details etc. But, once again, with artworks like this, these details are not set in stone. The more I face up with the underlying topic (and experiences) the more details can change around it, depending on the mental process and realizations. For example, a girl was added, who wears the crown instead of Asura – a change of leadership occured and the throne was reclaimed – for fear and anxiety shall not rule.
The crow of present rose above past and future to be on eye-level with Asura and the lightnings dance within the blade and not around it.
And so on …

People who know my art and already followed my artistic journey for a while are probably aware of the fact that I absolutely love to draw details. The flow and delight of defining rough shapes, bringing them to life more and more with each brush stroke and dot, each underlining the symbolism, cannot be compared to anything else.
So, here are some detail views for you:

With this artwork I also used some paint that glows in the dark for Asura’s two white eyes.

Another detail I want to show is the broad side of the canvas, which extends the scene in all four directions and displays Asura’s runes.


  1. Glad to see you still have some time to paint, it has been a long time since the last one but it was worth the waiting. The sky and clouds are really breathtaking and I love what you’ve done on the sides too =)

    You love to draw details and we love to watch them =p I always love how your artworks are linked together and how some things follow your works and evolve with them, like the butterflies, the roses…(I’m not sure because the size but some creatures in the sky remind me past artworks too). Maybe I’ve missed a Kee’Asuriah drawing, but the sword has a new form too no ?

    I wonder how it looks like in the dark with this phosphorescent paint. You have used it for other parts than the eyes (the girl and some stars looks the same colour) ?

    1. Author

      Oh yes, I’m still doing artsy stuff – just not showing most of it from the last 2 years online, haha. It’s less than a few years ago indeed, but I will never stop 😉

      Thanks a lot, much appreciated 🙂

      Well, it’s a different sword actually. The “old one” is the Bloodsword. This one is the Dawnblade. Their origin is different, but both are linked to Asu. The origin of the Dawnblade are the eyes of the spirits (stars), which symbolize hopes, dreams, visions, the related inner world, etc. while the bloodsword is related to the dark form of Farphyni and, obviously, roots in a darker, destructive origin. You could say the Dawnblade erases shadows while the Bloodsword is fueled by / creates shadows – if that makes sense to you. This is related to Asu’s function: protector or destroyer, always depending on the girl next to her and who of them (Asu/girl) wears the crown.
      Besides this, there is also the Katana (shown in “The Shadows” for example), which is Asu’s “personal sword” – she has a whole collection, but the Katana is her favorite.

      It looks pretty awesome 😀 Only the eyes glow. Asu is always watching, even in the darkest night 😉

      1. I’m very curious about the rest now x)
        I’m glad you’ll never stop to draw them, because I’ll never be tired to watch them ;p

        The other sword I had in mind was the Katana, I don’t remind actually how the Bloodsword looks like, forgive an old wolf x) … but I get the idea (and I’m still amazed how deep your art is, I’m not sure a whole life would be enough to get every part of it x))

        It lasts during the whole night ? *_*

        1. Author


          The bloodsword is shown on Farphyni’s ref 🙂

          Hm, good question. I have to check. But I wouldn’t expect it to.

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