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Artworks created with various media, 3D-art and -prints, costume designs and realizations, as well as sculptures and leather crafts.

About the Artist and the Art

Learn more about the background of the artist and explore the meaning of the worlds of symbolism under the guise of fantasy art.

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Latest Blog Posts

The Self

(Painted with Acrylics and Oil Colors on 70 x 100 cm canvas; find detail shots below)

If a person honestly faces the unconscious soul (without dwelling in subjective thoughts and feelings),  while reflecting upon its utterances, such as dreams and spontaneous fantasies, then sooner or later the image of the self will emerge and gift the possibility of the renewal of life, a sense of meaningfulness and completeness.


(painted with acrylics on 40 x 60 cm canvas)

“This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine.”
(William Shakespeare)

Dreaming of Dragons

(Drawn with pencils on toned paper)

“There is a certain truth, some kind of symbolism, in each dream.
A meaning, covered in colors and shapes, the subconsciousness creates.
These dreams are shadow-truths, which will outlive mere facts.

Ocean Shepherd

(Ecoline and colored pencils on 23 x 30.5 cm hot pressed paper)

Seeker, seeker or a keeper?
Will you bring me to the shore tonight?
Or to endless realms in shades of blue?
Travelling with the mind,
through hidden feelings
of me and you.

Farphyni © 2014 - 2020

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