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Artworks created with various media, 3D-art and -prints, costume designs and realizations, as well as sculptures and leather crafts.

About the Artist and the Art

Learn more about the background of the artist and explore the meaning of the worlds of symbolism under the guise of fantasy art.

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Latest Blog Posts

Rebirth of the Chronist

About five years ago, I sculpted one of the key characters from my headworld stories: Xantar, the Chronist. Now, as I gained more experience with painting 3D-objects in the last years, I re-painted him.

Materializing Monsters [8]

First dual colored 3D print of the Barbossa model with reduced size (2/3 of original print size). His name is Shoto (pun intended).


(Digital artwork)

“Let me be the contradiction of your false beliefs.”

Seven of Hearts

(drawn with pencils and powdered graphite on a coated wooden board 24 x 30 cm)

And I reach into the raging chaos to seek the truth that lies between you and me, to nourish the passion that leads me on paths which were hidden before. Free like a bird, they say. Free like a tree, I answer. A tree which grew from the heart of a bird. The bird itself is a slave to the storm, while the tree observes with mild interest, standing tall, even unshakable, against the furious wind.

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