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Artworks created with various media, 3D-art and -prints, costume designs and realizations, as well as sculptures and leather crafts.

About the Artist and the Art

Learn more about the background of the artist and explore the meaning of the worlds of symbolism under the guise of fantasy art.

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Latest Blog Posts

Sketchbook Cover [5]

This time I drew an original character onto another sketchbook cover, this time experimenting with white highlights. Meet Skeejaga, nicknamed Gerhard, a swamp demon. He attracts buterflies (they like his aura), but unfortunately, he is allergic to them.
Skeejaga was created during the second day of the Austria Comic Con.

Sketchbook Cover [4]

Of course, mighty Smaug needed to be drawn onto an A5 sketchbook cover as well. His eyes were drawn in gold, which shines nicely in light:

Sketchbook Cover [3]

Another sketchbook cover, drawn with ink, this time featuring one of my favorite Ghibli characters: Haku.

Sketchbook Cover [1+2]

Two ink dragons I drew on covers of sketchbooks. A prince of the mighty sea and a conqueror of mountains.

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