Otherworld is about imagination as well as headworlds and their (hidden) symbolism. This art is used as a contemplative refuge from the world to dream beyond the restrictions of mortality and materiality. But Otherworlds also contains works related to the wonders of the world, fairytales and folklore, nature spirits, elemental forces, fairies, dreamworlds and similar. They have more of a romantic character, dreaming about an golden age of harmony and miracles. It is an attempt to break through the borders of the ordinary, known and profane in a search for bliss and freedom, but still knowing this is only a (beautiful) illusion.

Otherworld also contains narrative works and a huge worldbuilding-project: Cunabula. Farphyni has created many own worlds in the process of worldbuilding and populated these worlds with self-created races and creatures. All of the creatures have their own story and character – they form tribes, cities and nations, each of them having their own culture and folklore. During the developement of the worlds many stories were written which connect creatures, tribes, nations and worlds. Altogether, they form a whole multiverse: Ocul’thare.
Since 2015 Farphyni focused on writing the stories she has in mind instead of capturing them in artworks only. Currently she is working on a book series containing the stories from her worlds and their creatures as well as fairytales, folklore and legends from those worlds. After finishing the written stories they will be illustrated.
All in all, this enormous book-project is called „Chronist“. (that’s german for “chronicler”)

Art from 2012 – 2015

  • Omen of the Night
    Omen of the Night
  • Cunabula
  • Imbricus
  • From the Ashes
    From the Ashes
  • God of the Elements
    God of the Elements
  • On day, we'll come back!
    On day, we’ll come back!
  • The Journey of an Artist
    The Journey of an Artist
  • Forlorn
  • Air turns to Ashes, and Water to Blood
    Air turns to Ashes, and Water to Blood
  • The Encounter with a Light Spirit
    The Encounter with a Light Spirit
  • It that betrays
    It that betrays
  • Purging Fire
    Purging Fire
  • Bringers of the Spring
    Bringers of the Spring
  • Hunter of the Sun
    Hunter of the Sun
  • No Destiny!
    No Destiny!
  • Leader into a new Era
    Leader into a new Era
  • I'll show you my world!