The Journey of an Artist

The Journey of an ArtistContinue Reading

->> Materials: ink, acrylics, watercolor, colored pencils.
->> Size: A4
->> Finished: 10.5.2014

As an artists who creates whole worlds, I often wondered what it would be like to visit one of my planets – and which one would I visit first?

I decided that it would visit the second “main-world” I’ve created: Iphyon. (but I’d visit the past of Iphyons history)
In this world exist many tribes, many races back then…but there are some individuals who were…somehow different, strange, weird. And those got banned from the tribes. Now, If I would visit this world, I’d unite all those and travel around with them. As you see, I (the humanoid thing on the back of that grey-brown-blue creature) would change my appearance as soon as I have enter this world. Because there are no humans in the past Iphyon, only humanoid creatures (and some of them are shape shifter, so they can change into one creature-form – I’d like to be one of them). I would belong to one of the nomad-tribe. My race? Ashwind! I love that race the most, though it’s extinct in the present time~
Now, as you read the previous story carefully, you probably ask yourself: “well, as she could transform into a creature, that -probably- is able to fly…why is she riding that blue-brown-grey creature?”. Because he’s sooo fluffy!
Now about my companions:
->The large creature I’m riding: When he was younger everyone called him “Demr” (that’s a word from a language of this world and would mean something like “lowlife”). When I would meet him, I’d give him a new name: “Askar” (what means gentle). Though he maybe looks scaring and mean, he’s such a kind and gentle creature, always willing to help others and also caring for them more than for himself. His race is a kind of dragonbird, but he has no legs (what makes him odd) and he has a genetic defect through which he got that strange head. Well, long story short: others were afraid of him, said all the bad things (for example illnesses) that happened are his fault and so he got banned from his tribe. He managed to survive the harsh wild and grew up. Though all were mean to him, he accomplished to stay the nice guy he actually was. After some years he met another banned one:
->Reii’ra, the green owl with the ram horns and the mask: She’s a Aquiall (name for a race of birds, that has -in our eyes- unnormal colours and horns, sometimes also tails of other animals). When she was young, she was very curious und entered a sacred temple of the dark spirits (no, they’re not bad, just dark!), though it’s forbidden. The dark spirits chose her as a kind of “eye” (they’ve never seen the day and wanted Reii’ra to be their eyes, she agreed on helping them), so she got the “dark sign” on her face and some “special powers”. The others called her an evil-kissed creature and banned her (evil-kissed means something like: creature that got touched by the evil forces and is now evil too…but they mistook the dark with the evil. Remember always: dark is not evil!). She lived in the wild and grew up, the dark forces protected her from other hungry creatures. To hide her “dark sign” she made herself a mask, that she doesn’t scare others. Then she met Askar.
->Longr, the creature sitting on my shoulder. He’s also an Aquiall. When Reii’ra got banned he followed her secretly. He’s unnormal small and felt wrong in place. He has the ability to hide everywhere in a way no-one can find him. That way he avoided to be eaten. When Reii’ra made her mask, he created one for himself. The day Askar met Rei’ra was the day Longr discovered, that there are creatures that can see him, though he used his chameleon-ability: Askar saw him. At first Longr was afraid of Askar, but soon he recognized that Askar is very friendly. The three soon got best friends and traveled around, never having a home, but at least a family.
->Ischko, the tiny creature under Askar. Since the day he hatched, he was lonely. He didn’t know his family, his tribe. He grew up far away from the views/thinkings/traditions/… of all tribes, but he’s very intelligent. He never wanted to become part of a tribe, as he thought none of those fits to him. One day a nature spirit visited him and started to talk to him. Both got friends, as they share many views and opinions. But nature spirits can’t stay long with the living, so as a farewell-present the spirit gave Ischko a nature-spirit mask, so every spirit knows that Ischko is their friend. (one the drawing is a nature-spirit -aether element- do you see it? that black & white mask with the white mist behind it?)
->Voreill; the creature at the top of the drawing. He’s from the same race as Askar, but a different tribe. He has a seldom wing-form. During his time as a youngster, he saw one day how some of his tribe tortured and frightened a small Ratzner (the creature that’s sitting on the swing, that’s bound around his neck; Ratzner are mice with only one pair of legs and a squirrel-tail). Voreill ran to them and yelled at them to stop. As everyone knows he’s good fighter they ran away in panic. The tiny Ratzner stared at Voreill for a moment and then ran away, gladly to be free again. From that day on Voreill got mobbed by the other youngsters of his tribe as he “is kind to the food”. When he got old enough, he left the tribe. Two weeks later when he was flying over the woodd he saw a giant Sabr (kind of big armor-cat), that hunted…a Ratzner! and it wasn’t any Ratzner, it was that Ratzner. He decided to help the Ratzner. Voreill knew he has no change in a fight against the Sabr, but he knew that they’re rather stupid. So he flew above it creating a giant shadow and started to roar as loud as he can. The Sabr stopped chasing the Ratzner and ran away in panic. Voreill landed in front of the Ratzner, grinned and said “Looks like you get in trouble often, tiny guy.” The Ratzner stared at him, “…you…d-d-d-don’t want to…eat me?”. Voreill answered “No. I prefer vegetable.” “You are strange, but I’m glad about that”. Voreill grinned, “Would you like to be my travel companion?”. “Where are you travelling to?” “To the horizon, my tiny friend, to the horizon.” So the Ratzner (named Ye) joined Voreill. He soon discovered his love of flying with Voreill and one day, they decided to create this swing-collar for Voreill.
-> and then there is me, as I already wrote: I would be one of the nomad-tribe and my race were Ashwind. My creature form would be a kind of dragon. I’d be a shaman.