These works are about self-reflection and -awareness as well as the revelation and visualization of the intriguing properties of the human mind, consciousness and subconsciousness which constantly change with the flow of time. All in the means of finding an answer to the relativity of existence and define the own position in the ‘web of life’.
Therefore, abstract concepts, aspects of personalities and characteristics are impersonated in fictional creatures in order to work with them and analyse them to achieve a constant development.

The huge Kátoptron art series (about the concepts of “Alter Egos” and “Inner Demons”) are part of The Refuge of the Mind, containing artworks focused on Farphyni herself. They address three symbolic creatures (and their many aspects), which impersonate the three pillars of Farphynis being: Raa’Deviah, Kee’Asuriah and Yuu’Serah – being deiwos, daimonion and nous. They form a circle in which center is everything and void. Everything changes with the time, but time itself is a part of the circle and therefore the circle of the three stays, changed, but still a circle – neverending, with out a beginning and an expiration.

Art from 2013 – 2015

  • Chaos and Order
    Chaos and Order
  • Vere Vivere
    Vere Vivere
  • Scius
  • Enter the Void
    Enter the Void
  • Sweet Dreams
    Sweet Dreams
  • Can you see me now?
    Can you see me now?
  • Incussus - Fathom me!
    Incussus – Fathom me!
  • The wind I'll follow
    The wind I’ll follow
  • Causa - Face me!
    Causa – Face me!
  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego
  • This silence
    This silence
  • Louder than Words
    Louder than Words
  • Spirit Companions
    Spirit Companions
  • Istac
  • Erase my nerverending Sorrow
    Erase my nerverending Sorrow
  • Devorare
  • Nosce te Ipsum
    Nosce te Ipsum
  • Whisperer Whisperer
    Whisperer Whisperer
  • Daughter of the Fullmoon
    Daughter of the Fullmoon
  • Unmasked Me
    Unmasked Me
  • The Priestess
    The Priestess
  • Initiation - The Power Within
    Initiation – The Power Within
  • I'll be a perfect Storm!
    I’ll be a perfect Storm!
  • Mistress of Nebula
    Mistress of Nebula
  • The Magic of Art
    The Magic of Art
  • Free!
  • My shadow is a part of me
    My shadow is a part of me
  • Depression
  • Fleeing, bound by Fears and Sorrows
    Feeling, bound by Fears and Sorrows
  • Death is a Charmer
    Death is a Charmer
  • Can't deny
    Can’t deny
  • Descisions