FURIAContinue Reading

->>Materials: watercolor, colored pencils
->>Size: A4
->>Finished: 17.3.2014

This work is about Chichiro’chiyos ‘negative side’.
As Chichiro’chiyo is also the emotional part of my charackter, she turns into FURIA when she supresses emotions.

“…and eternal is my suppressed emotion.
Restless I run through my ruined lair, through my lava field, my desolation.
These crystals erupting through the ground are my speers. Fear them.
The lava is rising. So you better run. run. Run. RUN.
Or we’ll get you. -Me and this lava.
How shall I stand this world and the human emotions, when I’m not human?
It’s increasing the lava, day by day.
It’s tearing me apart.”