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->>Materials: black ink, ballpointpens
->>Size: a bit smaller than A4
->>Finished: 19.6.2015

This is another fairytale that belongs to one of my worlds.
The skydragon there is the Raingod “Drai’doru”. He’s an old guy with a very long beard (it’s so long, that sometimes it touches the highest mountains) and where-ever he goes rainclouds appear and rain. His companions, the blue birds, are the “Rainmessengers” – they usually fly in front of Dari’doru and when creatures hear their song, they know that soon rain will fall.
Well, the fairytale says that one day old Drai’doru falls asleep and through that there is no rain anymore. The birds tried to wake him up, but they’re just not loud enough -compared to the dragon they’re quite insignificant. So they flew down to the ground searching for the strongest and loudest animal – and after a while they found Razcha. Yeah, the birds can’t speak, but after a while Razchas best friend (a very clever kind of deer – it’s a shaman) figured out what the birds wanted to tell them – so Razchas epic adventure begun : climbing old Drai’dorus beard.
In the end, they managed to wake Drai’doru up and rain started to fall again.