About Humans and Nature

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->>Materials: colored ballpoint pens, pencils
->>Size: a bit smaller than A4
->>Finished: 23.4.2015
->>Part of the “MyTruth-SketchSeries”

I guess the basic message of this artwork is clear, isn’t it?
Humans exploit Nature and are killing it – step by step. Most big companies give a sh*t about nature and environment. All that counts is money. (That’s why the human hand has such nasty finger nails~)
The plant-deer represents nature, of course. Its killed with a gun. Why with a gun? Because some people use the “modernisation” and the technical/… “progress” as excuse for ruining our world. The gun is ‘powered’ through the cables that are inserted in the deer. (that means humanity is exploiting nature for their own advantage – without caring for the nature or giving something back.)
The leaves of the plant-deer are a bit withered. I guess the “why” is quite clear~

But of course not all people are killing nature – some are even doing something against it! But…well… look at the three butterflies (those represent this people) … do you think they are very successful? There are too less people who really do something.

Wake up! This is our only planet.