Beyond Horizons

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(spontaneous work; acrylics and tempera on ~A2)

This work was absolutely not planned, also the progress of it was very different from my usual works: this work only contains acrylics and a little tempera. Normally I only use those media to paint skies and such, because one can’t work so detailed with acrylics like I can with my beloved pencils.
This work appears quite rough and unfinished to me, but it is done, it belongs this way, even though I still want to add tons of details here and there.

And, once again, while painting this work, a little poem formed in my mind:

Grins of a Beast flashing in the night,
my fellow irregular, my familiaris.
Starstruck, we look at the horizon
and beyond. Far beyond.

Angling for dreams, sitting at abysses.
A friendly giant in the distance,
reaching to the sky.
The moon shining bright,
who will we be at dawn?
What will sun enlighten?
I don’t know,
may path is ongoing.

The shaman staff a rod, this time.
Its skull stares into shadows.
lurking behind us.
I know well what you observe.

I grew up seeing things a little differently,
appearing, disappearing, the unseen everywhere.
We walk by the invisible, they never make a sound.
But during full moon night, they dance around the trees,
their whispers are riddles,
as the truth is not safe enough to share.
Heavy is the burden of the wise ones
when no one understands a word they say.

And when the sun comes out, I move on.
Nobody knows the way here,
but if one finds it in dreamscapes,
one can find it at daily life.

Next time, I dance with the unseen myself,
as I’m not tied down to the ground.
Still, always staring at horizons,
and beyond.
One can’t forsake the journey
for the safety of the room.
Learn your lesson well,
here at abysses and horizons.

Never forget what led you here,
why the horizon allures you.
And never stop asking,
what lays beyond the seen.