Materializing Monsters [5]

First print of model “Barbossa”, the adjusted version of Salvador. In contrast, painted with dark blue and silver.

Further information about the model:

-Model: Barbossa
-Name: Sierra
-3D Program: Sculptris
-3D Printer: Prusa i3 MK3
-Printing Material: PLA, ~20m of material needed
-Heigth: ~ 13cm
-Length: ~ 12cm
-Breadth: ~ 5,5cm
-Fill Density: 20%
-Resolution: highest res
-Printed with supporting elements (which were removed after printing)
-Print Time: nearly 40 hours
-Painted with Vallejo Game Colors


  1. How long for the paint time?

    1. Author

      Not sure. Sierra was done faster than Salvadore though x)
      Maybe two days? (including the drying time between the layers)
      But I was watching movies/series while painting so I could have been faster xD

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