Materializing Monsters [3]

After several 3D-Printing-Tests it was time for the next step: Today I tried out a different 3D-Program and created a fullbody model for the first time.

The process was very relaxing and it was surprisingly easy – the model itself was finished within one session. Afterwards I prepared the file for printing and in 32 hours Salvador the Fierce will be born.
Now I would like to make more models and a little animated movie, haha.


  1. I hope you’ll never try photography, it’s the last area where you don’t overly outstrip me x)

    You’ve used Sculptris I suppose?
    Can we see the printed result?

    1. Author

      XD nah, I only make ugly reference photos with my smartphone camera x)

      Yes! It has a few bugs, but beside these I really, really love it! It’s way more fitting for sculpting for me than Blender. (tough I combine both. Geometric/… works are better in Blender)
      Do you know if sculpting works similar/same in zBrush? If yes, then I’d seriously consider buying zBrush o,o
      Sure, once both dragons are printed (I edited this model, changed/added details and printed it too – it will be fully printed in a few hours) and painted (currently painting this model; halfway done), then, of course, I’ll post photos and further info of the printing paramteres, etc. Maybe even a little tutorial of painting them (as requested on dA and Insta), when I find the movitaion to make halfway acceptable photos in between, hahaha.
      Photos of the prints will be uploaded probably on Sunday~ Depends how much time I have these days.

  2. Very good, continue that way x)

    Zbrush and Sculptris are closely linked, the second being actually a simplified version of the first. In fact, even if you hadn’t mentionned it, I would have advised you to train for some time on Sculptris and then consider an upgrade to ZBrush.
    I haven’t used them for a while, but normally the controls are the same, the way you sculpt is the same and the files are also more or less the same (meaning that you can import without loss in ZBrush all the models you’ve done with Sculptris and improve them). ZBrush have more tools, more functionalities and a better workflow, so for the same thing and with the same level of experience on both software, you usually work faster and better with ZBrush.
    Of course it’s not 100% the same, but it’s common for people to upgrade from Sculptris to ZBrush, so it shouldn’t be a problem to someone as awesome as you ;p

    1. Author


      Sounds great! Thanks a lot for the info!

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