Farphyni Reference Sheet

Farphyni isn’t only my artist’s name, but also refers to the personification of my creativity/art, a sort of Alter Ego, and an important part of my worldbuilding and storywriting: Farphyni Arka.
Over 10 years ago I drew her first reference sheet and every few years I updated it. Now, in 2020, she finally got a very detailed one, which also gives a bit of background information about her species and the related dimension.


  1. Comment part 1 (yeah I’ll do it in several parts, because it takes time and also because your website likes to erase my comment when it is very long x)):
    -Not very strong, but with a lot of pointy parts x)
    -What’s the difference between fire and golden fire?
    -I think I understand dimensional magic, but what’s cosmic magic? The ability to create planets?
    – In French the proverb “when pigs fly” is something like “when chickens will have teeth”…seems we got one =p
    – she can change her colours totally, or is there some limits? We could have a bright pink Farphyni? =p
    -practical comment: those longs hair on the bottom legs must be a pain when she walks in mud
    -practical comment 2: outside the refsheet her neck fur is also all punky like that? and the rear feathers also fleeting? (if not, that must be also a pain in mud x))

    1. Author

      (good idea x))
      -nah, just a few pointy parts^^
      -golden fire is phoenix fire. It can’t be extinguished with water. It burns until everything living is dead or until it can’t reach anything living anymore. Rumors say it actually has healing abilities and ultimate destruction or creation/healing depends on the mood/mind/intention of the phoenix/Feyrin. The golden fire is not as powerful as in her Phoenix shape though or as the fire of a pureblood Phoenix (but those are very rare).
      -cosmic magic: In her Nebula-Dragon Form she could draw power from planets and other cosmics stuff, also from the astral realm. Then she would be able to create planets. But as long as she wears the five rings she can’t do that. In her Feyrin Form she only can use a little bit of Cosmic Magic, but enjoys it (mainly slight casting of Nebula for reasons of art xD). As Nebula Dragon she could do molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter (worldbuilding), the manipulation of matter across space and time, etc. So far (as Feyrin) she can create force fields (but that’s quite exhausting), (inter-)dimensional portals (see Ref; that’s a part of the Dimensional magic + travelling and such), slight telekinesis (mainly used for fun), and has ‘cosmic awareness’ (which means she can sense creatures through their energetic patterns; so she can ‘see without open eyes’ – but only energetic fields/patterns). As Nebula Dragon she could also create stellar winds, solar flares, cosmic storms and invoke meteor showers, but not as Feyrin. As Feyrin she only has a slight influence on Nebula.
      -how do you say that “when chickens will have teeth” in french xD?
      -Her change of colors has limits. She can only use the colors from Part 1 – but can change the patterns. So she could be mainly blue/purple with only hints of reds/orange/yellow. All colors must be there always, but the patterns/majority can vary greatly. for exmaple when she’s hunting in the night she could go with mainly blue/purple and red/orange/yellow only on her feather tips.
      -nah, the long hairs at the legs can be washed easily^^ She has lots of fun to jump into mud x) so her fur adapted, I guess. It’s easy to wash xP
      and the rear feathers never touch the ground, so no problem^^ they’re always in the air, sometimes straight, somtimes slightly curled (see ref Part two, the sketch of the wings), but always in the air.
      -not “punky” u.u her neck fur defies gravity u.u you know, as a kind of side-effect of her cosmic magic 😀

      1. I’m not sure I would very reassured if you’d tell me that you’ll bath me in fire to heal me x)
        There is a big risk for her if she remove the rings? (for example if she want to create her own planet x))
        I totally imagine her using telekinesis for fun x)
        Ah I have a character who have a similar ability to see “energetic fields” (well in my case it’s rather the way things are linked to the frame of fate but the result is close), although she has lost her eyes.
        – “quand les poules auront des dents” =D
        -so no pink punky Farphyni =p
        -damn those Feyrins are perfect, they even have easy-washing hairs =D

        1. Author

          Removing the rings will most likely lead to loosing herself in the astral realm. (like: imagine astral projection with you mind/consciousness, but not being able to find the way back, loose yourself) Therefore, so far it is not possible for her to create planets. Once she has learned how to deal with this problem, she could create planets.

  2. Comment part 2:
    -what kind of memento does she collect? Heads of her enemies? =p
    – if the portals let only her pass through, does that mean she can’t invite friends in her home? (maybe she don’t want though)
    – how does the secondary and tertiary elements influence the longfeathers?
    -I’m not sure I told you about that dream I’ve made some time ago. You were transforming into Farphyni and took me on your back for a flight. I both enjoyed it and was totally frightened x) Back on the ground you transformed back into you and we continued with card playing and other things x) Now I wonder if it could happen since it seems that it is very rare.
    -“they usually have quite complex characters and minds, which sometimes make them rather hard to understand” =D I think I know one x) But it’s also what makes creatures interesting^^

    1. Author

      -Memento: all kinds of material and not material things related to important memories.
      -She could “reprogram” a portal to also let certain friends pass. That’s possible. But usually she programs them only for herself.^^
      -If a Feyrin doesn’t has a tertiary affinity (most have only primary and secondary) then they only have 2 longfeathers (1 pair). If a Feyrin has secondary and tertiary affinity, then they have 4 longfeathers (2 pairs). Also their color (and the colors of their longfeathers depend on their affinities).
      -XD you have very fun dreams!
      -I agree ^^ though it often also makes it hard to get along with them, I guess.

  3. Comment part 3:
    -4th line: Farphynis secondary element -> Farphyni’s secondary element;
    The last sentence of the shapeshifting part is weird

    -does Farphyni keep her third affinity secret?

    -that tail would make a great fan, just saying x)

    1. Author


      Yes, she keeps the third affinity secret. Of course, the other Feyrins know because they are aware of the “color code”, but most other creatures/humanoids/humans are unaware. She told/tells some of her closer friends though.

      Absolutely! Perfect for hot summer days 😀

  4. Part 4:
    That Farphyni can’t turn fully black, does that mean she can’t be overwhelmed by Asura (as those who surrender turn full black)?
    In the Dark form she can’t use her fire element normally?
    She’s darkly beautiful like this, have you plans to draw in the storm using red lightings? Would be awesome!^^

    1. Author

      So far she can’t be overwhelmed completely. But you never know what future brings, I guess x)

      No, normally she can’t really use fire in the dark form, but it is the key to turn normal again^^

      Absolutely, I was thinking about that! One day I either draw it myself or commission a friend-artist 😀

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