Seven of HeartsContinue Reading

(drawn with pencils and powdered graphite on a coated wooden board 24 x 30 cm)

“And I reach into the raging chaos to seek the truth that lies between you and me, to nourish the passion that leads me on paths which were hidden before. Free like a bird, they say. Free like a tree, I answer. A tree which grew from the heart of a bird. The bird itself is a slave to the storm, while the tree observes with mild interest, standing tall, even unshakable, against the furious wind.”

A Graphite Dream filled with birds who give their essence and hearts to grow trees; trees that can survive the raging storm, trees of passion, burning and resurging. Trees, which are protected by Amon himself.
Amon is a quite old creature, that roamed several years through my art until a while ago. Last month he showed a completely different, new face in this graphite dream, which surprised, but also delighted me. Panta Rhei, indeed. One of his horns broken, yet still in place through his strong will. From his third eye a snake hatched, a creature of transformation, and a rose grow out of his left eye socket for he sees the world different now. He laughs at the raging storm, giving shelter to the birds and to protect their heart trees.
I guess, after all this time, Amon the Whisperer turned into Amon the Bird Shepherd, a patron saint of resilience.