The Song of Revolution

Song of Revolution_sigi_kleiner

->>Size: A5
->>Materials: Ink

This work filled my last two evenings. As the last work it’s based on one of my poems.

We are the angry and the desperate,
we are the ones who see.
We are the ones who kept quiet
and always did what were told.

Keep quite no longer!
We’ll scream and roar!
Come out of the shadows
and meet in the darkest hour
to unite our forces.
-for we’ll turn into something significant
-for we’ll turn into a storm
and finally can make the change
we always wished for.
and finally can be the change”


Special thanks to Rise Against for the inspiration!


  1. This poem could make a nice song.
    Concerning the artwork, I’m hesitating a bit about the meaning. I mean: the way it’s said in the poem gave me at first the idea that those who gather together are those who are oppressed, so I’m inclined to see them positively; but in the drawing they’re bats, and bats usually carry in occidental symbolism a rather negative meaning, even if it’s make sense with the fact that in the poem they’re described as coming out of shadows.
    My interpretation would be that the bats are the way the oppressor see them, because it’s a bad omen for him.
    Or maybe that they have choose a dreadful animal to represent them, like all the resistance groups who call themselves “wolf” or “tiger”: even if the bat don’t carry the positive meaning of hunter and predator of those, they assemble themselves to form a dragon, and that’s a both dreadful and hunting “animal”. There’s still the problem of why bat and not butterfly, but it’s maybe only the similarity in morphology.

    1. Author

      Hi Runi! Nice to see you here!

      Thanks c:
      You wonder why bats? Simply because:
      -(as you already wrote,) it’s the way the oppressor sees them: not as something positive
      -bats are nightactive creatures (poem: “Come out of the shadows[…]”) and a revolution is most likely not prepared during daylight – because then the oppressor would recognize more easily what’s going on and could stop them before they ‘turn into the dragon’.
      -the unique way with which bats “see”: ultrasonic noises. What means they have a very different view than the oppressor.

  2. Yay, I feel a bit alone to comment but yay x)

    Ah yeah, I didn’t think about the ultra-sonic vision of bat, that’s interesting (it’s what I like with your works, it’s not just stuff, there’s lot of thinking behind).

    1. Author

      haha, yeah xD – it’s somewhat hilarious, as -not long ago- I talked with a fellow artist about the average “dA-Watcher/Fan”* and the “true Fan”**(though I don’t like the word Fan, but I guess you know what I mean) – and it turned out exactly the way we expected. (she experienced it excatly the same way as I did.) Well, that’s sad of course, but also somewhat hilarious, because we were right.

      *=those who actually don’t really care, who fave tons of stuff without really understanding it and those who comment just stuff like “nice”, “cool”, etc.
      Those who definitly won’t follow the artist if he/she moves away from dA.
      **= those who really like the works of the artists and understand them (or at least try to), who post useful comments and those who will most likely follow the artist away from dA. Because they care. Because they’re interested.

      Anyway. This is obviously a theme I could talk about all day long xD – but I don’t want to spam or annoy you 😛

      However, thanks a lot for your comment and feedback!

      1. I think it’s the difference between people who are there to see art (and who are aware of what art is) and the ones who are just there to see pretty images (and usually call everything art, like “it’s pretty so it’s art”).
        Honestly I don’t see the point of just fav and run, or to make only dull comments (like “nice work”). It’s a unique chance to talk directly with the artist about the meaning of its works and to engage a deeper thought about it. But well, I suppose that not everybody has the ability to do that much thinking work x)

        1. Author

          True words!
          I’m glad there are at least a few people, who see it the same way as you ;D

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