Sketchbook Beltbag summary

I crafted this beltbag during my summer holidays. As artist I always have a little sketchbook with me, as ideas have the mannerism to appear any time… and ideas (as well as the imagination that gives brith to those ideas) are one the most important treasures of an artist – at least in my opinion~
That’s why I created this little beltbag in which my sketchbook fits perfectly as well as my awesome, small ballpoint pen (special thanks to Heike for the lovely ballpoint pen!).
The Symbol is from one of my Creatures (Raa’Deviah – it’s on her shoulder) – and the number of rivets sure has its symbolic reason.

The bag is made out of leather, linen and it has a magnetic knob as fastener.


  1. The magnetic knob is a good idea, it’s probably of easier use than a press stud. But it seems that the rivets are marking the leather underneath, I hope it will not wears it out.
    The reptilian skin imitation is also leather?

    1. Author

      Oh yes, magnetic knobs are easier to use c:
      The leather should be sturdy enough, eventhough I’ll be careful with it (just to be sure~)
      Yep, the reptilian skin is leather (but an imitation; not real reptilian skin, but edited cow-leather – I asked the shopkeeper to be 100% sure.)

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