Sea-Of-Ink: Beyond


->>Size: a bit smaller than A5
->>Materials: Ink, Ballpointpens, Watercolour

…wondering if this is all, if there’s something beyond. Beyond these people, beyond this noise, beyond night and day, beyond heaven and hell. Beyond this smoke, beyond this planet, beyond lies and truths, beyond life and death. Beyond you and me.


  1. Beyond is a bit of a motto for the explorers, don’t you think?
    I’ve always had a fascination for the periods of stone age/bronze age, because there was so few people on Earth back then, that there tons of empty space. People were facing this unknow and just go right trough it, take for example the Indo-Europeans, they just take their families and their animals and go to the west, probably without having the smallest idea of what lying there.
    It’s difficult to do the same today, earth is too much populated and well know, you can’t make a step without meeting people. We still have deep water and space but it requires so much materials that it’s out of reach of most of us.

    (Not related at all: While the Art-blog part of the website works perfectly I have trouble in all the art galleries and craft galleries: when I click on a picture I’m directed to this picture page, here I see the description but not the pictures itself (OS is Xubuntu 14.04 LTS and browser is Firefox 43). I’ve tried then with the phone (Android 5) and there I get only a part of the picture, when I click on it it directs me on the following picture and not on the full sized one. I currently don’t have a computer with Windows to test further but there is at least an issue on those ones.)

    1. Author

      I couldn’t agree with you more!
      It’s something I really miss: it doesn’t matter where you go, you’ll find humans everywhere, as everything (in reach) is already explored. It’s somehow sad.

      (oh gosh. I thought my laptop is just mobbing me – because it’s happening to me too, since some days. It’s weird: somehow this problem exists only at the english page : the german gallery works fine for me oO – for you too?
      I’ve told this my brother and he checked it. He found out that the pictures are there, but minimized to a size of 1px*1px <.< we have no idea why. Maybe the newest WordPress-update screwed it up as the theme maybe doesn't work so well with metioned new wordpress-update. I don't know how to fix it - and I tried it for over 4 hours now. So I just changed the gallery settings for now [until better solution], but know you can only access the fullsize-picture but not the description. aaah, it's so annoying. [website-programming must be a really frustrating job] I'm now searching for a new theme.This time I won't pick a free one with no updates and support. I'll buy one.... x.x Actually already have a favorite but need to check some details) Thank you so much for telling me btw q.q

  2. Yeah German gallery works correctly.
    What can you change and what can’t you change exactly? Have you the hand on the sourcecode (html and/or css)?
    If yes I think you could just copy the code of the German side, because there is probably something wrong in the code of the English side.
    I don’t know WordPress, as we use another CMS but it’s probably close enough to allow me to help you a bit (though your brother may probably be a better help, as he’s both pro and can see directly with you the admin panel).

    1. Author

      My brother says yes.
      We simply tried another theme yesterday: same thing. So it’ not the theme o,o
      It’s getting weirder and weirder >.< So, I asked a WordPress-Pro for help I know from a german dragon/fantasy/art-forum. I really hope he can fix it! I have absolutely no idea what I can do anymore. I also tried re-uploading the pictures, but the picture still doesn't how up at the attachmentpage. But what's weird again is, that if you go onto the media-file: the picture is there in full size. @.@

      1. As on my phone I see the image, but also with a wrong size, it could comes from the way the website resize the image to fit the screen.
        The developers of WordPress don’t give support?

        1. Author

          I also tried it with my phone now – have the same result with my laptop.

          oh my gosh!! I think I solved it!!! Can you please try if it works for you too again? Check the narrative gallery and there the 2015 section – does it display the image correctly again?

          If yes, then it was the fault of a plugin~

          1. It works \o/
            Plugins are a pain, we always try to use the fewest possible because they often cause bugs and incompatibility .

          2. Author

            Yeah, now I understand why~~ Really annoying!

            btw. thanks for trying to help!

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