NOUS [2]

Clock keeps spinning, round after round.

How long have I been up? – I don’t know!
Why can’t you see all the colours that I see?
I want to be colourful and free.

What is going on? – Cycles keep turning!
Now I’m grey, then any colour of the rainbow.
There are echoes in the mirrors, fragments in dust.
I run to the horizon and beyond, never look back.

Run round after round,
a clockwork soldier.

NOUS Sketches, second part: Clockwork Soldiers






  1. No relation probably, but it makes me think of Saruman in the Lord of the Rings (more the books than the films), because after he betrays the White Council he is not any more Saruman the White but Saruman of Many Colours, because his cloak seems to be white but is in fact of all the colours combined to form white, and he has also, like Treebeard says, a mind of machinery and gears.

    1. Author

      I’m not really into the Lord of the Rings universe, so I barely know what you’re talking about xD (well, I know Saruman a little, but that’s it)
      But thanks for your thoughts c: – I like the idea with the cloak of many colours

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