NOUS [4]

People living in an artefact,
people becoming an artefact,
…no reflection in the mirror.

A sea of mystery – ignored.
Shadows dancing on walls – unseen.
Realizations beyond the known – non-existent.

And you people have been manipulated.
And you people feel satisfied.
…won’t break out of the machine.

NOUS sketches, part four: Artefact


2 thoughts on “NOUS [4]

  1. As with the other ones, I see a meaning in the poem (here the “basic” people, who are so annoyingly anchored in the vision of dull reality), but can’t relate it to the drawings.

    • The “Artefact” is represented by the man-crafted things in each image: crown, sword, necklace-shield/mirror-thingy.
      in short:
      ->The first one: an actual untamed/free mind(=beast) is completely focused on the crown (->vision/illusion of power/money/wealth) and remains standing while staring at the crown, so it doesn’t see the obscure shadow.
      ->The second one: a loyal, blind ‘servant’ following orders, as he believes it’s the (only) right thing – even if it actually hurts himself (not sure if you can see it, but the sword cut though his skin)
      ->The last one: mirror-faced-creature looking on a reflecting necklace – the creature became what it longed for, but lost itself on the way (it has no reflection in the mirror). It became the artefact in which it lived in // for which it lived. And I let it look like an abomination because that’s not something good in my opinion. xD

      I hope this short ideas help you a little in understanding the relation of art and poem x)

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