NOUS [5], [6], [7]

It feels like the NOUS Sketch Series is coming to an end. But what will the end be? I can catch a glimpse of it from here, but it’s foggy over there.
It’s like a big puzzle, and many of the past works are part of it. Slowly but steady I see what I’ll meet in the end.

I’m glad I had my A5-Sketchbook with me during my last train travel, as it turned out to be a very productive and creative little journey – not only in physical distance, but also in mind.

NOUS, Part 5: Break Out

Castles in my mind, demons in the sky.
Images in my heart, hope inside.

Confident steps out of dark into light.
Hand in hand with my demons.


NOUS, Part 6: Last Step 

Only one step left, the end of the way is near.
Proud like a god, don’t pretend to be blind.

Beat the machine, that works in your head.
Jump, fall and fly, embrace the Void.


NOUS, Part 7: Void

Enter the Void
The End is where it begins

Find out who you are


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