What started as a practise-piece for an upcoming digitally drawn project escalated quite a bit, haha. The fur and thorns took quite a while to draw, but it was hella fun – especially as I only allowed myself to use two different brushes for the whole piece and just change their settings & play around with that. I really like how it turned out and how easy it was actually. I guess, now I’m prepared for the coming digital project in autumn.

(Anyway, here I am now, trying to understand demons and their wicked ways:)

Oh won’t you tell me what you see?
Is it a part of me? This thing I’ve come to be?
Will the truth unravel me?

A cage of thorns, to secure the bright.
I fight alone. Is my path predetermined?
Is there method in your madness?

I want to watch a new sun rise,
reclaim my crown, be in control.
Rid of the monsters inside my head…

How many days have passed like this?
Could there be an end to this?
But our lives are intertwined.

Don’t I get what this is all about?
Am I too wrapped up in self-doubt?
Will you accompany me, peacefully?

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