[WIP] Animus, Anima


Do you know how much I love space? I begin to believe that it resonates with my soul, it charges my batteries, it helps me breathe. I’m haunted by the sheer endlessness, the incredible beauty. My heart longs for it, my dreams are full of travels and flight, of stars and nebula.

Spontaneous work (in progress) from this afternoon and evening. Seriously, have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE to draw Nebula? Oh, and feathers too.
Anyway, after lots of work for university and commissions I was finally able to focus on some personal things again.
This work is inspired by some current thoughts and feelings – more about that as soon as it’s finished. (probably soon, as I enjoy drawing this so much and can’t really stop drawing now, haha. So the Anima is nearly finished … but the Animus is still a rough sketch with basic shades. Can’t wait to bring him to life too!)
Actually, I had this idea already a while ago, (with a very similar theme, but a different scene) but back then I couldn’t really draw it in the way I … felt it. It wasn’t satisfying. Today the “Song” related to this pictures started to vividly play in my mind and finally (!) I can draw it. Though I never expected it to be a digital work with humanoid characters.

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