Otherworld Sketches [7]

(A5-sketch with mainly ballpoint pens)

We knew nothing. The gaps in our knowledge were vast, even if we wished otherwise. Often, we ignored the facts right in front of us. Our blissful ignorance multiplied without pattern or remorse. And even if we knew something, had heard something, were -almost – sure of something, we wouldn’t ever know the truth, or come anywhere close to it. The truth had to be seen – and even though our eyes were sharp … we were blind. Blinded by our ignorance, by our illusionary hope.”

Another OC, belonging to past of the third world, Iphyon. Her name is  Maahirah and she is a crested vigildragon – a species that has some human-like traits and is close to extinction.
Crested Vigildragons used to be powerful warlocks, but over the years the magic in their blood ceased (for reason they didn’t understand) and there was only one powerful warlock left. He took Maahirah in as student, as she seemed to still have that magic inside her and taught er how to be a warlock, because he knew that his days were numbered and he would die soon – not being able to protect his fellow vigildragons from rivalling tribes and wild beasts anymore.
After finishing her apprenticeship Maahirah guarded the territory of the crested vigildragons. Her sharp eyes saw everything – even through solid objects, as she was able to see the motion of the astral energy.
Her master died soon after her graduation what made Maahirah the last guard. All the years she searched for ways to bring back the magic her tribe used to hold. She looked for an answer why the magic has ceased and why she still has it in her blood while others did not. She couldn’t find an answer and in the end wondered if she and her race were nothing more than a simple caprice of nature.
Many years later the crested vigildragons went extinct, but paved the way for the uprising civilisation of half-human/human-like creatures.


  1. On the drawing, she seems proud and powerful, yet doomed to die,and her fellow tribesmen with her…

    I suppose the world must be very harsh, or her species not fertile enough for the lack of magic condemn them to extinction?
    Is the reason behind the disappearance of magic revealed somewhere in the book or is it going to stay a mystery?

    1. Author

      A very accurate description! 🙂

      The world is harsh and the time of her species is over, even though she doesn’t want to accept that. She’s doomed to be the last one. Her tribe will die before her, because it was the magic in their blood who let them live for way longer than naturally possible.
      There is a reason, but I’ll probably leave it as mystery (not sure yet) ;D Because Maahirah will search her entire life for it, but won’t find the answer – because it lays in another realm… one she can’t enter as material being. She has to die to – maybe – find and understand it.

      1. It’s tragic…I love that x)

        It’s always difficult to decide if you disclose something or leave it mysterious. Personally I tend to say too much, so I’ve to be cautious about it. The solution I’ve found so far is to disclose it, but not directly, I either just leave some hints without saying things too blandly, or I keep them mysterious in the main series and am going to disclose them in side stories.
        Well, you can leave it as a mystery in the book…but only if you tell me besides XD

        1. Author

          Me too x)

          True words!
          Yeah, I guess I’ll only leave some hints – and leave some room for people to have their own ideas. I’ll see xD Not sure yet~ I guess I’ll see during writing.

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