Otherworld Sketches [8]

(A5 ballpoint pen sketch, colored with Ecoline)

I realized, as me move through our lifes, we leave behind several different images of ourselves on the way – where each one is different from the other. And we see them through the fog of the past, like portraits of our different ages.”

Last week I went through some older designs of my OC Cyriac – he was my very first OC and with him I also started my storytelling art and writing the stories from my headworld. He will always have that special place in my heart, because with him the otherworld art and my artictic journey began.
Of course, through the time and developement of my art and skills his appearence and design changed a lot. In the beginning he was a pure fire-dragon – a fire element at its finest. Later he became more earth-elemental with fire only as a secondary element. He became a mountain dragon. His colors changed from bright red to the tones of earth, with only some hints of bright red and shining orange.
And last week I felt like drawing his firedragon version once again, wallowing in memories.


  1. For me, mountain dragon would be pure earth. Fire+earth would be rather lava (or volcano) dragon x)
    But anyway, he’s still an awesome dragon^^

    1. Author

      According to their myth every mountain has a heart of fire deep within, which – maybe – flows over somewhen in the future and turns the mountain into a volcano 😀 (otherwise I would agree with you. Normally mountains are quite earth elemental^^, but the dragons there have a different view of mountains)

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