Otherworld Sketches [9]

(A5 ballpoint pen sketch)

Everything you can imagine is real.
-Pablo Picasso

If I had a little pet dragon, it would be this curious and slitghtly clumsy noodle. And I’d name him Atreju.
He would climb around on my head all day and try to give me smart advices, like: just burn this thing/person/whatever if it gets on your nerves. Burn it to ashes and the problem is solved. Quite simple, isn’t it?
He doesn’t understand that dragon rules don’t apply to the human world.
Also, he likes japanese Ramen and Sushi.


    1. Author

      Ganz genau 😀
      Hab das Buch vor Jahren gelesen und geliebt. Und letztens ist es mir beim Durchstöbern des BĂŒcherregals wieder untergekommen und da ich mich an den Plot fast gar nicht mehr erinnern kann, ist es auf meinem Lese-Stapel fĂŒr die nĂ€chsten Wochen/Monate gelandet c:

      1. Es ist eine der schönsten Geschichten, die ich kenne. Aber Michael Ende hatte es sowieso drauf. Er hat meine Kindheit verschönert.

        1. Author

          Oh ja! Die Story ist wunderschön und so unglaublich fantasievoll.

          Ich weiß noch, wie ich das Buch damals das erste Mal gelesen habe und so mega begeistert davon war, wie er das mit den zwei Schriftfarben und dem Übergang gelöst hat x3 Die Idee ist einfach super.

    1. Author

      Absolutely true xD Their logic may be simple sometimes, but still quite effective 😀

        1. Author

          Couldn’t agree with you more!
          I’ll hurry into the lab in our castle and see what I can do about that 😀 join me there and don’t forget the almighty wooden spoon! x)

    1. Author


      Sure! If you’re fine with a two-headed duality dragon (one head of a fire dragon one of an ice dragon). We could name him Darius (means royalty^^). He’ll be our royal dragon who stays at the throne room of our castle and usually sits behind our thrones and critically watches the peasants (and eats them if we don’t like them XD). He also acts like a sort of advisor as he is a very wise dragon even though he’s not that old yet (at least for a dragon).
      What do you think?

      1. Nah that’s not going to work for this specific role. For the dragon meant to be our advisor, we need one who’s imbued with the wisdom of all elements: the mythic Omnidragon!

        1. Author

          oooh, yes! A many headed-hydra a.k.a the mythic omnidragon a.k.a. Gustav!

    1. Author

      I don’t think so, otherwise he’d be in our notes. We only have a Karl Hubert XD also we have: Martha, Olaf, James Van Gogh, etc x)

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