Search For The Hidden [2]

Search For The Hidden, second part: White Eyes

(~1h pencil & powdered graphite on 13x13cm paper, refined with gold leaf)

Living in our own reality
each one of us being a shard of colored glass in a kaleidoscope
following our own truth like moths drawn to the light

In our own peaceful little world
we’re all guilty of hiding thing


  1. I suppose there is three theme there.
    First the girl lives in his world and behave (consciously or not) like if there wasn’t the spies around, like people who drop their personal life everywhere on Internet like if they were in a private place (and complain later when someone gather those informations).

    Second, I link the two last verses of the poem with the spies and the fact that companies (especially the GAFAM), but also people and states, put increased pressure on individuals to reveal more and more of their private life (the most striking and closest example to the poem that comes in my mind is when you say you’re against CCTV everywhere in cities, you’ll always have someone who’s going to say “why, you’ve something to hide?”, like if you were guilty of something.

    Third, I link the third verse with the proven fact that people who spend a lot of time on so-called “social” networks are often more narrow-minded, because they’ve build around them a community of people who think the same way than them, and it’s easy to drive off those who don’t agree.
    Hence I suppose the closed eyes, but I’m not sure about the meaning of the eye in the hand

    1. Author

      Very good! Great interpretation!
      You’re correct^^
      the eye of the hand: she acts like she knows (/sees) everything (or pretends to at least) when in reality (outside the golden frame) she doesn’t. The eye is blind (white). In the peaceful little world she created (inside the frame) she thinks she knows everything, understands everything. But that’s wrong. The truth lies outside the frame. She and her belief/privacy/etc is just a shard of glass among thousands of others. (why “shards of glass”? In our modern world there is this term that “people are made of glass” – it is so easy nowadays to “look through” them with the modern technologies like internet and mentioned companies who collect data about people and sell them)
      Something I also tried to hide in there is the term of “truth and belief” – that’s why the glass is colored (in the verse) and the kaleidoscope is mentioned. In our modern days and the possibility to share opinions etc it is easily noticeable that there are thousands of beliefs about all kinds of topics, where everybody thinks they’re right (even if evidence/truth says something else like in case of the flat-earth-believers). And there they gather (like you mentioned) – like moths drawn to the light – and form groups, people whi think different are driven away. And that’s also where the symbolism of the eye in the hand comes into play. They think they know the truth, but do they really know it? They don’t question it, they don’t question their “peaceful little world”.

      I guess I somewhat threw several kinda quite different (yet somewhat connected) topics in there, haha x’D But you did a really good job in interpreting it! You’ve earned the magical cookie with chocolate pieces! x)

      1. Those are easier to interpret than your bigger painting x)
        I still don’t understand the eye in the hand-thing and the truth. I mean, it’s an existing symbol (never heard about it)? Or something you’ve created?

        Yeah! Cookies! (But what’s the magical cookie exactly? x))
        Oh, we need to bake another cookie-dragon together XD

        1. Author

          I guess it’s something that I’ve created by my own logic ^^’ (If it exists, then I haven’t heard of it before xD)

          When feeding it to one of your dragons it gets an power upgrade. Like a level up 😀 if you eat them yourself … they taste good.

  2. And I can’t level up myself? I would like to be able to transform into whatever I want, or read minds x)

    1. Author

      You can try, but the magical cookies aren’t tested on humans yet, only on monsters, so, no guarantee they work x)

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