Search For The Hidden [3]

Search For The Hidden, third part: A March Of Crimes

(pencil, graphite and powdered graphite into my A4 sketchbook, refined with a sort of gold leaf)

Breaking borders, escaping orders,
the regime has failed and fallen.

They’re coming with morbid minds,
blinded by their ignorance.

“Your will is mine.”, growled the beast,
the head of them all.

Again, as I really love how the light plays with this gold leaf stuff, some photos with different light:


  1. The metal leaf had this colour at the beginning or you’ve done something to it?

    I’m less sure about the meaning this time, i suppose it’s about those filthy terrorist, but I don’t feel it’s a suppressed theme of the Zeitgeist, unless it’s different between here and Austria. Here I feel it’s rather an overexposed theme, leading to a lot of paranoia and so-called “security measure”, which are either smokescreens or a way to reduce freedom of everyone.

    1. Author

      It already had this color c: I just had to arrange it the way I want.

      It’s not only terrorists, but violence in general. I see the willingness for violence rising from year to year. I hear from friends who are teachers that kids get more violent, more curel, more willing to bully others in all kinds of violent ways. I hear it from policemen that violence is rising. And, of course, see some effects of it in the news: terrorism, shooting spree in schools, etc etc etc. But those are only the effects of something going completely wrong in the world, the willingsness for violence (the beast), which the regime failed to “correct”, which might indicate that the regime is doing something completely wrong.
      Also, when looking at the past: wars, wars, wars, killing, fighting, violence. It makes me wonder how people can burry their empathy so deep within in them that they’re able to do such cruel acts. It feels like something repeating again and again over history.
      But I’m getting off-topic again xD
      So, well, these were sort of the basic thoughts that sort of ran wild while drawing (if I remember correctly XD).

      Terrorism was on the media for a while, but disappared completely again quite quickly. (it was the same after the fukushima incident: all over the media for a short while and the compeltely gone, even though there ARE aftereffects and troubles.)

  2. I’ve heard some interpretation saying that it comes from both the education, that put less and less boundaries to children, as well as Western society in general, which remove personal responsibility: when someone drive while he’s drunk and kill someone, they always search for other responsible, it’s the fault of his friends who didn’t prevent him to drive, of the barman who serve him alcohol, in the media the article will be entitled “the fault of the alcohol”. People are that way insidiously taught to not take their responsibility, because they’re always excused to act like little children who can’t be reasonable and know the limit.
    It’s often the same with violent people, they’re often excused, “it’s the fault of the society”, of “unhappy childhood”, etc.

    But I’m not sure of the reality of this interpretation. As you point it out, there was already violent in the past. I wonder if this sensation of more violence isn’t simply coming from the fact we are less tolerant to it: 30 years ago it was more or less normal for child to be bullied and brutalized in school, also by teachers themselves. A contributive factor would be that we’re way more informed about violence than in the past: violence is the kind of thing media like, because they make a lot of money from it (with the help of the morbid curiosity of people). That’s why they also don’t care about long term, they need to jump from one event to another to keep the “emotion machine” on and cash flowing in.

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