The Self [WIP]

Beyond silence and storm. Awoken in or from a dream, subconscious rises from shades of dark and becomes reality, swallowing, blooming, burning, ashes. The bottom cracks open, blazing, blooming, rising. Let me breath, let me breath. A blood red sun rises, shining, blinding, revealing; ruins and mountains ahead the road. Continue or flee? Carry me, carry me, to a place I haven’t seen before. Lift the mask and let me see, who I am to be. Let me see, let me see. Images of the Self everywhere. Symbolism in the abyss of the mind, subconscious, still?

A little preview of (a part of) my current WIP (work in progress). I started this acrylic & oil painting several months ago. So far it is my largest work: 70 x 100 cm on canvas

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