Otherworld Sketches [16]

(Pencils and ballpoint pen on A4 toned paper)

We protect the things we love, as they became a part of us und loosing them would mean loosing a part of ourselves.

Concept art for worldbuilding stuff.
This species is called Qiedra. They are intelligent and able to learn any languange easily. Therefore they live together with humans (preferential with the monks in the high mountains, the nomands of the endless valleys and the seekers of the highlands; some can also be found in the great libraries of the captial cities).
Qiedras are very peaceful and prefer to talk rather than fighting, but if “their” humans get attacked or the library (and therefore the city) is in danger, they will fight. Because of their intelligence and tactical knowledge they are very dangerous creatures even though they are only mediocre strong and fast. They often build deadly traps or do sneaky attacks.
Humans got used to Qiedras and don’t fear or hunt them anymore like they did in the past. In fact, the great philosophers love to talk to Qiedras because they can get very old and collect lots of knowledge.
Qiedras are calm and kind creatures and love a good discussion.

Qiedras are able to glide, but can’t fly – they need to climb somewhere high to be able to use their glider wings. They love to climb buildings, but learned that humans usually don’t appreciate that. Therefore they make sure no human sees them when they climb the buildings.
They are omnivores and their favorite food are elderberries (and all kinds of food/drinks humans make out of elderberries).
In the past Qiedras lived in groups to be able to defend themselves against human hunter troops, but after the peace contract they usually live alone, but often meet their fellow Qiedras. Every few years all Qiedras meet in the underground maze where they used to live to share their knowledge and experiences.


  1. I’ll admit, I laughed out loud when I read “they make sure no human sees them when they climb the buildings.” XD Makes me want to build a really tall building just for them to climb.

    1. Author

      haha, yeah XD I’d also love to create/draw a city full of high towers and such for them! I’m sure they would love that 😀

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