(Digital Artwork, using an iPad Pro)

“Gathering from dream-dust, emerging from splinters of the conscious, forming a familiar, between the rage of the unseen.”

This painting features the dragon Gawain, who appears once in a while in my dreams as a kind of helping spirit, and my dream-self.

As a lucid dreamer I was always able to alter unpleasent and scary dreams into wonderful sceneries and adventures, where I can fly and do magic stuff. But sometimes I don’t alter nightmares, simply because I want to see what my subconsciousness throws at my dream-self (this way I also found Asura). But the part of myself, which seeks comfort in such nightmares, sometimes summons (without my conscious self knowing) a familiar, protective spirit: Gawain. My knight in shiny scales, you might call him.

Though the first dream I meet Gawain was not a nightmare. It was in a peaceful landscape, soft hills with an endless forest on a sunny day before autumn. This landscape is so similar to him, not only regarding the colors.
I still remember our first flight, that it seems like yesterday. It felt so real – probably inspired by my experience as (ex-)paraglider; I’ll always carry the sky and flight in my heart, even though my feet will remain on earth.
Gawain feels like a personification of peace, trust and confidence to me and even though he isn’t real outside my mind, sometimes I imagine him being next to me when I have to face a challenging situation. Because everything seems easier when you have a huge dragon by your side, haha.

Here is a detail view:

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