Otherworld Sketches [29]

(Ink sketch on toned A5 paper)

There lies a beautiful truth in the stones below our feet, a song of melancholy and everlasting wisdom.

Imperial Berserk Dragon Sketch. Those are giant rare dragons, which need several hundred years to grow from puppy size to mountain size. To change from carnivore to vegetarian to photosynthesis and when they die they turn into mountains and plants.
They are actually very calm and kind creatures, but during their youth (where they are already huuuge) they are pretty violent. The imperial army recruits those to serve as defense breakers and way-makers during war.
They are not very smart or fast, but holy motherdragon, they are nearly indestructible and incredibly strong.
Also, they don’t understand sarcasm. And don’t try to tell them jokes. Just talk with them about the songs of the birds and the stories of the stones below our feet … but not during their youth. Because of their wild youth they are named Berserks. Though they are actually calm and kind.

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