Otherworld Sketches [30]

(Ink sketch on toned A5 paper)

The weight of the world, the fate of the world, hidden behind blind eyes.

Imperial Shaman Sketch.
The shamans are some sort of dragons, that are created in forests through rotten plants. They are created by forest spirits as protectors.
The shamans are unable to see, hear or smell like we do. They hear thoughts (and also communicate with thoughts), feel the movement of the air and sense the energy patterns which all living things have.
Some curious shamans leave the forests and are recruited by the imperial army, which uses their healing knowledge and magic, as well as their connection to nature.
The shamans have a very odd aura which attracts butterflies. Legends say that each butterfly represents a soul, which the shaman helped to cross the border to the spirit world during their death. Others say, the amount of butterflies, that accompanies a shaman is equal to their power, knowledge and abilities.
Most think shamans have no feelings, but they are wrong. Shamans feel the world, each breath of every living creature, all their happiness and all their pain. Some say, they carry the burden of the world.

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