1. It’s annoying, I’m sure we’ve spoke of this drawing somewhere already, where you gave me some key to read it, but can’t find it again. I begin to wonder if I’ve dreamed that discussion x)

    1. Author

      xD yeah, that’s possible. Maybe in Skype? Or maybe you read what I wrote at the “The Origin of Nos”-post?

      1. I thought it was on Skype but I couldn’t find it there ><

        Well, let’s try without it x)
        I would say the big chunk of monsters represents the concept of the Hundred-headed Hydra, while the white wyvern is the mind (or something like that x)). The mind is facing the beast of thought, like if it’s seeking a head to pick to "treat" it.
        Maybe it’s willpower rather than mind? It looks small and fragile compared to the monsters, but at the same time has the courage to face them (= strong willpower).

        1. Author

          Yeah, the big monster mess is the Hundred-headed Hydra (representative of the Disparates). The white Amphithere is Athar (the representative of the Otherworld Art). And the human-like person/creature is Nos (representative of the Refuge of the Mind).
          Your interpretation is correct, though only a very little part of the meaning. The three creatures there are a sort of circle – the èkfrasi, the expression. Together they represent the meaning and reason of/behind my art – each in their own way, influencing each other. And what each of them represents can be read in the “About” part of the website.

  2. Oh…I have looked at this drawing countless time…and I didn’t saw Nos x) Maybe I’m getting too old for this x)
    Seems I always manage to only catch a glimpse of the meaning, I hope to manage to understand one complete one day, although that seems hard.

    Strange, every time I read the About part, it seems different x)

    1. Author

      really? ah, that’s great, because it means one can look at it several times and still find something new xD
      But finding a part of the meaning is already quite an achievement with my works ;D and you understood a complete meaning of an artwork before, so heads up! c:

      I think the last time I changed/updated it was in January or February.^^

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