Anima Mundi

(acrylics on 25x30cm canvas, refined with goldleaf)

“Beyond the known and profane, beyond the visible and obvious, I always felt this certain presence. It was always there and came into focus once everything turned silent. It is everywhere, invisible and without a voice. But once you stay still for a moment in silence and close your eyes, you will slowly feel this something.”

The first work of an experimantal acrylic series.

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7 thoughts on “Anima Mundi

  1. Than kind of colorful paintings are alos nice, I like it!

    Does the silence exists? There is moment where I think it’s silent, but it isn’t, there is always something, maybe it’s the same thing.

    • I’m glad you like! Thanks :) It’s a nice variety beside my monochrome works^^

      I’m the wrong person to ask this … you know, with my Tinnitus x)

      • It’s also funny how the colours and the “distorted” forms make them less “dark”. I mean I imagine for example very well The secret way decorating a Kindergarten, while The Seeker fits less well in that role.
        Or maybe I’m just weird x)

        Well maybe I’ve also a tinnitus, because I never hear nothing, when everything else is silent, there is always a slight whistling sound.

        • It’s a different kind of “dark” x)
          I would rather hang Anima Mundi than The Secret Ways in a Kindergarten xD

          As long as you only hear it when everything else is silent it shouldn’t be too bad x)
          Plot twist: everyone has at least a slight tinnitus so nobody can ever experience true silence and all just wonder what it is like, never being able to solve this mystery :D

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