Acrylics on Canvas – a work in Progress

Actually I wanted to paint the sculpture the yesterday and today, but when then I found this canvas which I’ve bought some months ago as I actually planned to draw the cover of one of my books, but then I decided to wait until the book is completely finished. But now the canvas found another purpose.
It was so much fun just messing around with the colour without having an exact plan of what I want to draw – so some important thoughts found their way onto the canvas.
The meaning of this work will be explained when I’m done with it.

Well, I have to admit it’s already about 2 years since I’ve drawn an artwork completely with acrylics, but it’s fun again to also draw a acrylic-creature (as I usually use acrylics only as drawing material for background~~). I’m not used to draw something completely with acrylics, but I enjoy it.

(sorry because of the blurry, ugly photo – smartphone-cameras aren’t the best~ 😛 )

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