Nightly Sketch – Sheireen

Sheireen - Phantom and Bloodwitch
Sheireen – Phantom and Bloodwitch

->>Size: A4
->>Materials: coloured pencils
->>Time: 2h 30min

A work of one of my first humanoid OCs (which I drew the first -and only- time about 6 or 7 years ago.)If I remember right Sheireen was my second humanoid OC (first one was Dracone~) I created in grammar school. I only drew her one time back then (and I didn’t like the outcome, as I still was a beginner at drawing – and especially at drawing humanoids). Well, last month she appeared in a dream and so I remembered her – and now also understood her meaning.

She belongs  to the “Inner Demon”-series now. Though she has nearly no power anymore nowadays, she was very powerful (and ruled my way of thinking) in grammar school.
As already mentioned, her name is Sheireen – and yes, both creatures are her. The upper one is how she usually appears. She prefers to be called by the synonym “Phantom” when wearing the cloak. The lower version is her without wearing the cloak (what she rarely does) – without the cloak she wants be called the “(burned) Bloodwitch”.

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