Experimental Illustration for CHRONIST

Cyriac Outlines

Currently I’m experimenting with Illustration-Styles for my book-project “CHRONIST”.

First I wanted to draw all Illustrations with colours, but now I’ve decided to only colour specific ones (those of the “key-chapters” -> those chapters who have a huge impact on the story), now I’m experimenting with Ink-styles – also in combination with other monochrome drawing materials.

After several experiments I think I found a style I like. Now I’m going to draw a full illustration with the mentioned style. I sketched some outlines today (look at the photo -> those are the outlines), which I’m going to shade today or in the next days~

The dragon on the picture is Cyriac, one of the three main-charakters from the first book.
Maybe you remember him:

On day, we'll come back!
On day, we’ll come back! (2013)

(young Cyriac, second re-design; outdated)



From the Ashes
From the Ashes  (2013)

(old Cyriac; third design – the current one)

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