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I do my thing and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped.

Little sketch, drawn using ink and Photoshop.


  1. True. I think it’s not only valid for friendship, but also for couple relationship: some people think that in a couple the other one is just there to fulfil all their expectation, but I think it’s better to let this other one live a bit its own life, without being constantly behind him and expecting things of him.

    Concerning the drawing, the wing of the top wyvern (?) is maybe a bit too much folded, I prefer the softness of the other one’s wings: it creates an opposition between the soft wings and the contrasted body, improving the perception of the anatomy.
    (Btw, the images are a bit small, I’ve always to stick my nose to the screen, it’s a bit damageable since you put some efforts in details.)

    1. Author

      Yep, I agree! Putting too many expectations on somebody (or trying to change others) often ruins friendships and relationships.

      I’m not really pleased with this one in general. Especially with the tail of the lower wyvern (yep, they’re indeed wyverns), the neck of the upper wyvern and the lower wing of the lower wyvern. I should have used a larger piece of paper to give these two more space.
      Regarding the folded wing of the upper wyvern: with the very folded wing of the upper one und the barely folded wings of the lower one (as well as with the differences of their manes, tails and horns) I tried to show that they’re different from each other – (and beside that I looove folds XD I easily overdo it~)

      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

      mhm, I used to upload large sizes of my works, but everybody – my brother, fellow artists, etc. – were constantly telling me that this is very stupid, as my works can easier get stolen (well, not “easier”, but you know what mean, don’t you?)

  2. You are forgiven, because love folds too, especially the ones from the Flemish painters like Van Eyck -> look at all those wonderful folds <3

    Well, I think you could post at least in 800×600px in 72dpi without big risks, because it don't give a lot a pixel to use it.
    But well it'll always be a problem, once you put your works on internet there is a risk that someone stole them, even with small size. I've chosen myself to upload my photographies in big size and without big watermark to let the people watch them comfortably, because if someone want to stole it, it'll do it anyway (it's a bit fatalistic yeah x))

    1. Author

      XD Highfive!
      aaah, what lovely folds! Or look at this one from Duerer: *-*

      Okay, I noted that & will think about it 😉
      Yeah, of course, there’s always a risk – but I don’t need to kinda provoke it – you know what I mean?
      Writing about your photographies: I completely forgot to tell you that they’re really awesome! (looked at your website already weeks ago :’D) You have some serious talent, buddy~

      1. Oh yeah, I love also Dürer. In fact I love all the Germanic art of this period 1450-1520, that’s why I’m graduated in this field =). At the contrary I don’t really like Italian Renaissance Art, I find it “dry”, lacking of life and spontaneity.

        Thanks =)
        Well I’m not fully satisfied with them (perfectionist inside ahah x)). Most of them are pretty images, but not truly art, it often lacks an underlying theme. I’ve tried to do it with some series (the windows in square format) and with a work on colours (or the lack of colours instead, as it’s more earth, grey, white tones) and contrast, but it’s still very perfectible.

        1. Author

          Yeah, there are some pretty awesome artists.
          Do you also know Frederic Edwin Church? (though, he was american) He drew incredibly lovely landscapes. I still wanna have an artbook of him, but I can’t find any q.q He’s probably – unfortunately – not really famous.

          You’re welcome 😉
          And this theme-thing comes with the time, I guess.
          Btw, the photo with the cat Nebelung: whose cat is she? She looks so cute!

  3. Yeah I know him a bit, we’ve seen some of his works when I was in university. He’s not very famous outside the circle of art historians and amateurs, but it’s still better than most of middle ages artist, and I’ve seen several exhibition catalogues about him at the university library.

    In theory it’s mine, but as my flat is very small, she lives with my parents 😉
    Nebelungs cats are the cutest of all^^

    1. Author

      ah, I’m glad to see, that he isn’t that unknown.
      You lucky one, you x) I’d love to see an exhibition of his works! (or at least such exhibition catalogues)

      awww 🙂 how old is she? She looks really young the picture (how old is the picture?)

    1. Author

      You’re officially todays hero now 8D
      Thank youuu!!

      ah, I didn’t think about Amazon – I checked every local bookstore and library in reach but completely forgot about amazon x)


      1. Just be careful with the free books as they date from 1900 and 1966, information in them is probably a bit outdated 😉

        I don’t even check any more local book stores when I search this kind of book, if it’s not a casual book you’ve no chance to find it there. And in this case it’s even a non-french book, so chances that you find it is below 0% x)
        Fortunately I’ve the universities libraries, not only here, but in all the country because it works as a network, so if a book is in another university you can ask to fetch it, so for example for Frederic Church I can get all those books
        As I can also grab books from some Germans and Swiss university libraries I’ve virtually access to nearly all the art books ever published \o/ x)

        1. Author

          Sure 🙂

          True – though in the old part of the city we have some really old bookstores which also have unusual/older stuff. (but no F.E.Church unfortunately)
          How awesome! Now I’m jealous XD

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