WAY (first comic attempt)

On the weekend I faced a new problem. I had a specific theme in mind which inspired me to do some art about it. But the problem was, when thinking about this theme, I couldn’t clearly focus on one picture – it was more like a array of several little pictures which created the whole work. And so I decided to do a little comic-thing.So I started sketching the little pictures and their layout on A4, then inked the outlines and background and added details with ink and watercolours. After scanning it I added the text with Photoshop – even though it was originally plannend without the text…so I’m going to show you both versions.

First, the textless page:

Way (textless)



And here’s the page with text (I guess without it, it would be very hard to understand what’s going on~~):





  1. This is just perfect. Almost made me cry. Keep it up, it’s amazing!

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