Rise of the Giants [4]

Details & Frames

Triptychon Banner_kleiner

Here they are – the three Giants. From left to right I present you: Gawynderethéa, Ceru’ir’Kewa and Arkhim’ehr’Kami.
Together they form some sort of Triptychon.

For each work I choose an individual frame and set of passepartout(s) which complete the artwork.
Gawynderethéa got two passepartouts – grey and blue – and a brushed aluminium frame.
Ceru’ir’Kewa got a painted wooden frame and no passepartout – her artwork is build in “floating”, so the artwork casts a shadow onto the behind dark ground.
Arkhim’ehr’Kami has a painted wooden frame too, and one passepartout, though it may look like two with the white margin of the paper I didn’t colour.
As you may have noticed, the work in the middle is larger than the other two, as there I choose A2 as size, while the others are a little smaller, so they fit into standard frames. The middle frame is made to measure (and was quite expensive).

Now some details:


  1. How’s the middle one held in the frame, since there is no passepartout?
    I don’t see the blue passepartout on the left frame, it’s the frame itself?

    1. Author

      Between the artwork and the behind of the frame is some sort of thick cardboard on which the artwork is fixed.
      Nope, it’s very thin – underneath the grey one and reaching only half a centimeter into the artwork. Look closely. Do you see it now?

      1. Ah interesting. On the passepartout I have, for such things there is one passepartout with a coloured bevel.
        I was thinking recently, you should maybe consider to buy the material to do the passepartout yourself, it would eventually save you a lot of money on long term, especially with unusual format.

        1. Author

          Yeah, I also know the ones with the coloured bevel – but here I wanted to have a thicker blue border thing.
          Yep, that’s definitly on my To-Do list x)

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