Familiar Stranger [3]

familiar-stranger-antiquus-ego_sigi-kleiner(Final work of this series; Mixed Media on A5; 1,5 hours)

Now, the Familiar Stranger Sketch Series has found an end. But maybe this end is just another beginning.

This work comes with a little poem that come to my mind while sketching.

Antiquus Ego

I left the door open – come live in my life
Words unspoken  – all pages I fill with lines
Banned on paper – stay to remember
Crushed by distant reality – I’m hoping

Sing or scream it all – the memories keep fading
A sudden glimpse backwards – is all what is left
I’ll look into the sky – am send back in time
All the weight of thousand faces – right between my shoulders
A heavy heart – a light soul

Tell me from forgotten days – before my time
Many sides to every story – what’s another lifetime?
I see faces beyond morning glory clouds – a soft illusion
The light leads the way – the shadows whisper of forgotten names

And I keep walking – until the end of my time
But this will never end – because I want more
Now I can see burried pain – see the bright behind
After the night when I wake up – I’ll see what tomorrow brings
Crushed and filled with all I found – Underneath and inside 

All I find – familiar strangers
Forgotten by time

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