Otherworld Sketches [2]

asmos-sketch_sig(A5-sketch with mainly ballpoint pen)

Since childhood I’ve been faithful to monsters. I’ve been saved and absolved by them because monsters are the patron saints of our blissful imperfections.
(Guillermo del Toro)

Sketch of a new OC (original character). He’s part of my headworld/worldbuilding stuff, belonging to my third world Iphyon – specifically to the largest island of Iphyon in the sea next to the human-dominated continent.
His name is Asmos, also known as “Pharaoh”. He is a Carcassos (a sort of lion-dragon hybrid), an aggressive carnivore that usually lives and hunts in canyons. They are lone wolves.
Asmos lives in an old pyramid, where he hoards bones and especially treasures. In the pyramid are the graves of the oldest kings and it is said, that Asmos on one side protects them from grave-robbers and on the other side protects the land from a resurrection of the old, abnormally powerful kings. That’s why the tribes of halfhumans living in the area around often bring offerings to Asmos to thank him for his protection.
Asmos has great physical strength and when he get very mad he starts to burn golden. He hates water and the cold.


  1. He hates water? So he never bath? =p x)

    He has a special use for the bones he’s hoarding? Or that’s just a fancy? x)

    Is it possible to interpret those drawings without reading the book? I somewhat struggle to interpret them so far ^^’

    1. Author

      Nope. There’s also not really a possibility to bath in the desert. x)

      He likes to chew on them when he’s bored 😀 and to build weird mixed skeleton creatures then + awaking them with his magical powers in case there are enemies coming.
      That’s actually a really mean/hilarious ability x) Imagine walking in a fancy ancient pyramid, seeing skeletons lying around everywhere. You go deeper inside hoping to find treasures and suddenly the damn skeletons behind you stand up and stab you in the back, hahaha.

      I don’t know. For me it’s obvious xP but I can imagine that it might be a lot harder for everybody else, haha. (btw. not all of those creatures are part of the book. That would be too much. There’ll most likely be an illustrated second book with all their short stories etc one day)

      1. If he can do magic, he could invoke water x)
        Btw He still need to drink =p

        Oh like a big dog, that’s cute x) Do you think he goes fetch if I throw him a bone? =p
        Hmm I don’t think I would be stupid enough to enter a pyramid when there is bones everywhere, the trap is too obvious x)
        Nah the real mean thing would be to hide the skeletons under the sand, so seem to come from nowhere mwahaha

        For me it’s not, because I’m not in your head (could be practical though) x)
        Would you explain me one day? :3

        1. Author

          Nope, he’s not a water magic type x) golden, magical flames and bone magic stuff is all he can do so far.
          He drinks the blood of his enemies, that’s enough 😀

          Absolutely! Right after he killed you for your disrespectful behaviour c:
          Hiding under the sand is a good idea – I’ll tell Asmos x)

          haha, I know.
          Sure ;D remind me as soon as my second book is finished x)

  2. There is enough enemies in the middle of a desert to drink blood everyday? That pyramid must draw a lot of tourists =p

    Nah I’ll give him a hug and he will forgive me…no? x)
    I’ve plenty of other ideas for traps if he needs it x)

    That’s sound far away in time, can we schedule a more closer date? x)

    1. Author

      He doesn’t need it everyday – and yes, there are often people/creatures who are drawn to the pyramids as they long for the power of the ancient, burried kings.

      Only I can hug him without getting killed x)
      But maybe he’ll won’t kill you if you give him more ideas for mean traps. 8D

      maybe it’s already next year – we’ll see x)

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