Bridge between Worlds [WIP]

(Work in progress. Started as a sketch, but then escalated. Concept art of a fantasy owl design.)

I called out for the otherworld and the cry of the owl answered me.

5 thoughts on “Bridge between Worlds [WIP]

  1. Oh I really love how you’re mixing howl and dragon, as well as the lantern and this shining ball he’s holding. The flying creatures are also very cute, they make me think about puppies trying to catch the shiny ball to play with it x).
    Btw I don’t know if it’s in my mind or if it was intended, but I feel like the beak is another creature, with the brows of the howl forming some kind of antler for it.
    If it’s only in my mind, I would say that it’s the result of your influence on me x)

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