(acrylics on 30x40cm coated wooden panel)

Vegvisir may be my guide
-That Which Shows the Way-
through storms and night

on an unknown way.

Last sunday I had a spontaneous painting session in the garden, where I created this work.
This work actually started with a different concept – first I wanted to illustrate the russian lullaby Bayu Bayushki Bayu which The Huntress from Dead by Daylight is humming. This idea contributed the mood and the basic concept of the artwork. But during the painting process somehow the meaning and my intention changed and I ended up with adding the Vegvisir and a rather different meaning. But I really like the outcome however. I’m really getting used to painting on wood now and love it since my little acrylic speedpainting series (some of them were painted on wood as well) for Origin of Nos.


  1. I’m not sure that meeting a giant wolf like this one is what people have in mind when they use the Vegvisir, it would be probably the contrary x)

    I’m not sure how to relate the wolf to the vegvisir actually. It evokes me more the wolf who try to eat the Moon, but then I don’t see why he would have a Vegvisir, except maybe to find more easily the Moon through the clouds x)

    Or maybe do you mean that a wolf show you the way ;p

    1. Author

      The wolf here is a sort of personification of the Vegvisir 😉 so, he’s showing the way through the clouds to the light in the dark hours^^

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