Otherworld Sketches [14]

(ballpoint pen, edding and pencil on A5)

“Nothing truly is the way it seems to be.”

The sketch shows an abyssworm. Wanderers encounter them all around the world (canyons, caves, etc…), as those creatures are very adaptable to different temperatures. Once spotted, people run away from them, as abyssworms can grow quite big and looks rather scary. It is also told, that you’ll get absorbed by the abyss when eaten and your soul won’t be able to reincarnate.
But little do people know. The abyssworms just wanna invite you over for dinner. They’re great cooks! Though there is a 50/50 chance that you end up being cooked. (I’m kidding, of course. Abyssworms don’t cook and swallow their prey whole.)

Abyssworms are a related species to the Djallthari, but live on land and not in water.
They grow very, very slow and need ages to get big. Usally they get killed soon and therefore there are only very few huge abyssworms, which are very feared, even though they are not seen so often.


  1. So bad they don’t cook, I imagine them perfectly with a little chef’s hat on the head, saying “Good morning little children, today we’re going to bake a yummy yummy cake nomnomnom” XD

    1. Author

      pahahahahaha xD and then, plot twist, they jump forward and eat the children x)

      1. oh do I forgot to say that the main ingredient of the cake was children? My bad x)

        1. Author

          Ah, then it’s fine 😀

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