Morning Light

(ballpoint pen and pencil; A4 toned paper)

Never stop singing,
even when the music’s long gone.
I’ll be my own morning light
so I’ll be safe and sound.

There used to be a white horse in my life. I called her Miranda. For a while I lost sight of her, but lately she returned. And it turned out she changed just like me.
She used to follow the wind, run through fields and tried to catch the clouds. But when she grew wings, she still decided to stay on earth and explore the depths of the ocean once in a while instead, because there was still so much to explore.


  1. Hmm can we say she’s still on earth if she’s in the ocean? x)

    Remind me somewhat capricorns (like me =p) ; what’s interesting is that she has cloven hoof now (so like goat) instead of an equine hoof, when she was a horse before.

    1. Author

      You’re aware that the ocean is part of the earth?^^

      Glad you noticed the cloven (goat) hoof! (they’re better of climbing/adventures in my opinion)

      1. Technically speaking, oceans are on different tectonic plates than continents (=earth), so I don’t think one can say that ocean are part of earth.
        Except if you want to say that they’re part of Earth, but then sky and clouds also are =p

        Of course I noticed it, you should know that I have a keen eye =p
        (I don’t know, I’ve never tried it out x))

        1. Author

          Here I refer to planet earth. Therefore, yes, oceans are a part of earth. As well as sky and clouds (atmosphere).

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