Asura [Sketches]

Dance with me one more time.

Last month I did a bunch of little ink & marker sketches of Asura, the wolf who once was a guard dog. Her symbolism is very important to me and ever-changing.
You might notice a similarity between Asura and Kee’Asuriah (one of my [former] Alter Egos). Kee’Asuriah belongs to an older concept I called “Kátoptron“, while Asura belongs to the here and now and roots in a more psychologic than philosophic symbolism. The philosophic part was/is important too, but I don’t think there can be an answer without depth-psychology.
I guess you can say, Asura und Kee’Asuriah are the same creature, but different – from a different time and view. They don’t impersonate the exact same things. Kee’Asuriah was a sort of “Queen of Inner Demons”, she stood above everything, ruled. But Asura is on eye level (the “I” rules), which leads to a way deeper understanding. I hesitate to call her an Inner Demon, because the description might be misleading and she is so much more. She was a guard dog who turned into a wild wolf.

Asura is a sort of Daimonion (a sort of “inner voice”, that warns you against mistakes/dangers), which developed into something dangerous many years ago.

And for several years now she is learning to become a guard dog again or at least a guard wolf.

It kinda feels like a dance, carefully approaching, observing, changing path and moving together, taking step by step together, but always having the reason in mind, the goal of the dance. And I’m sure her symbolism will accompany me my whole life – ever-changing

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