Gawain Reference Sheet

Gawain is a creature that appears in my dreams once in a while, as a kind of helping spirit. As I’m drawing him more and more often now, I decided to make him a reference sheet and part of my worldbuilding.

Here is the stand-alone fullbody drawing:


  1. I like a lot the top view of his head, makes me want to pat it 😀
    Those golden rimmed scales must be beautiful, I imagine it in the sunset *_*
    Who’s the rider? Are the wings translucent? And how much can he extend his tail? Do you plan to make an encyclopaedia with all the dragon species and such? Ok I stop to annoy you with all my silly questions x)

    1. Author

      Haha x) Not sure if he would let you pet him.
      Absolutely! Wanna draw that one day! Like a half-portrait during dawn.
      Of course I’m the rider! Though I have to create a worldbuilding-persona-thing for myself, as it would feel weird to write stories otherwise x)
      Yes, wings are a bit (not fully) translucent, but he can change them to non-translucent, as, you know, for camouflage reasons.
      He can extend his tail about 3 times as long as normal tail. (If you check the “Vision” drawing, you see the maximum tail length)
      And hell yes! That’s why I’ll keep the Ref styles the same or at least similar. I have a few more refs planned for other OCs and also think about doing “base” ones for the general races. (not only dragon races)
      Will take a long time though, as my free time is quite limited x)

      1. I have an awesome drawing in the head, it’s so annoying I can’t transcript that outside it ><
        Thought you would be the rider, but have been a bit confused as I thought you were Arka.
        Does the tail extend fast? (It’s to know if I have to be careful about a growing tail when I’m going to pet him =p)
        Great 😀 Now you’re officially a mad scientist, you should consider to work on a way to extend day length, or to allow us to stand outside time ;p

        1. Author

          Then practise until you can ;D
          Arka is the human shape of Farphyni. Farphyni is a sort of representative of my creativity and I hesitate a bit to use her inside regular worldbuilding stuff. Plus, Arka doesn’t need a dragon to fly around, as she can turn into a flying creature herself^^ So I’ll maybe create a rider for Gawain one day. I have something in mind already.
          Yes, it can extend within 1 to 3 heartbeats.
          We need the Timeturner of Hermione Granger!

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