Rebirth of the Chronist

About five years ago, I sculpted one of the key characters from my headworld stories: Xantar, the Chronist. Now, as I gained more experience with painting 3D-objects in the last years, I re-painted him.

A few words about Xantar himself and his role in the stories. Xantar is a Chronist and the mentor of the protagonist of the stories. He is an astral creature dedicating himself to observing the events of the worlds of the multiverse. His student soon begins to unravel the secrets of their kind and their origin, dragging him into a dangerous conspiracy where he has to face his past – and his greatest fear: loosing another like-minded student, who was like a child to him. And yet, he follows her knowing that there is no way back for him anymore, as he is absolutely loyal – even when she chooses to pursue a path to conquer destiny itself.
With his wisdom and knowledge he tries to guide her throughout the story – and even after his downfall and death, he stays by her side to help her fight the collapse of the multiverse while reality falls apart.

Summed up, Xantar is a creature of knowledge, guidance and loyalty. He is one of my favorites in the stories and I think about dedicating a novel or short story to him about his time before the protagonist becomes his student. A story about how his demon emerged.

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