I thought I could show you some of my sketches. So here are some demons I sketched during the last two nights.Continue Reading


->>Size: A4
->>Materials: pencils, graphit powder, ballpoint pen, goldleaf

Finding balance is an important step toward learning who we truly are. Continue Reading

On the weekend I faced a new problem. I had a specific theme in mind which inspired me to do some art about it. But the problem was, when thinking about this theme, I couldn’t clearly focus on one picture – it was more like a array of several little pictures which created the whole work. And so I decided to do a little comic-thing.Continue Reading

In the past days I wanted to practise drawing (backgrounds & in general) with acrylics as preparation for a larger work I’m planning to create.
So here are four quick acrylic landscapes on canvas (18x24cm):
all landscapes - clouds sunset rocks sea 2


->>Size: A4
->>Materials: charcoal, pencils, ink, ballpoint pen, goldleaf-imitation

Actually, this started as a little experimental work, as I bought two new art tools a few days ago: goldleaf and charcoal, which I wanted to try out, of course. And as I let my hands run wild on the paper, an old fellow formed on it, demanding to be drawn again, requesting my attention. Filling my mind with his silent whispering.Continue Reading

Since a long time I’ve always wanted to have claws (and wings ;D), but as human being I have nails (how boring!). So for a while I had this idea in mind to make myself some claws – and finally I realised this little idea.
claw gloves

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It’s somehwat hilarious how one thought can set free dozens of others, that follow the tracks of the first.
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->>Size: A5
->>Materials: Acrylics, Ballpoint Pens, Coloured Pencils

All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways.Continue Reading

Sometimes thoughts can be like an erupting volcano – if you ignore them long enough, they gather…and one day – BOOM!
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