Vitam Agere


->>Size: A5
->>Materials: Pencils, some Ink

I’ve just finished the headshot of the dragon from my dream. Unforntunately I only clearly remember the head – the rest is just foggy. Actually the dragon formed itself out of the fog – and then disappeared after some minutes again. I wanted to ask him something, but he didn’t answer. I named him Nimbatus~
The dream inspired me to a little poem:

Rising fog, rising fog,
where do you go?
what do you hide?
Covering the path in front of me
– an unknown future.
On silent feet you sneak around,
sorround me, once in a while.
Your breath – I feel.

Your blind eyes see,
have no preconceptions.
Embracing the land the way it is,
as you are the fog.
For I am the one exploring it,
searching for my way,
while seeing you in the distance
as mighty beast, stretching to the sky.

You are a maze,
swallowing naive wanderers,
who were searching your reaches
for who they really are,
but so they lost their way
…and theirselves.

Silent fog, silent fog,
I’ve asked you so many questions,
but you’ve only looked at me
with those wise eyes of yours.

So I keep walking and walking,
with you as my life-long companion,
as you ARE the life.

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